* The vehicle's location may require an additional fee. This will be agreed upon prior to the appraisal.

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Services provided by Vehicle Valuation Consultants, LLC

Diminished Value Assessment:  from $300 *

V V C will provide a FREE assessment to determine if you are eligible for and may have a claim for the diminished value of your vehicle as the result of an insurance claim.

If you are eligible and your vehicles's value has diminished we will provide a detailed valuation assessment to support the change in your vehicle's market value.

We will also assist you in all applicable steps needed to present and pursue your diminishment of value claim. 

If an accurate assessment can be completed without an inspection this will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the appraisal being completed. 

Total Loss Valuation:  from $350 *

V V C will provide a FREE assessment of the fair market value you have been offered for your vehicle.  If a higher value can be supported we can complete an appraisal on your behalf.

We will complete an inspection and assessment of your vehicle.   Our appraisal will provide you with the documentation you need to support an accurate settlement of your claim.

Claims Assistance:  from $100 *

V V C can provide you assistance with interpretation of policy language and claim procedures.  This service can also assist you with the completion of forms and correspondence. 

Pre-repair estimate review with or without an inspection to ensure the most accurate assessment and estimate has been written. 

Post repair inspection to ensure the repairs were completed per the estimate you received and all damage was identified and addressed.

Assistance with submitting your vehicle's damage photos if you are utlizing a photo-inspection process.  We will ensure your photos will depict all visible damage so the most accurate estimate will be completed.  This service will also include a review of the estimate you receive.

V V C can also provide other important services that include, but are not limited to:

Additional Services Available:  $ as agreed upon *

Expert witness services involving property or casualty claim issues.