Diminished Value:

Diminished Value (DV or DOV) is the difference between what the market value of your vehicle was before a loss and what is after it has been in an accident and repaired. 

Total Loss:

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If your vehicle has been declared a total loss an independent assessment of your vehicle's value may be in your best interest. 

Why consider Vehicle Valuation Consultants, LLC?

In most cases your vehicle is the second largest investment you will make!  If this investment is damaged make sure you are properly compensated for it.  V V C can give you a FREE consultation to provide you peace of mind and when applicable assist you in receiving complete and accurate compensation for your damages.

There are many factors that determine diminished value.  Therefore, early involvment in the claims process as well as experience is necessary to arrive at and support a diminished value claim. 

Contact us today to for a FREE assessment to determine if you might be eligible for a diminished value claim even if your claim has already been settled and your vehicle is repaired.

With so many variables that make up your vehicle's value it is critical to account for each one. 

Contact us today to for a FREE assessment and if we arrive at a higher value we can assist you in supporting and presenting your claim.

V V C can help you answer the important questions of:

"Has the value of my vehicle decreased as a result of the damage it sustained?"  "If  so, can I present a diminished value claim?" or

"Is the total loss value I am being offered fair and accurate?"

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